Information Technology

It is 3 years undergraduate program offers specialized vocational skills which improves the candidate’s employability skills and minimize skill gap between education and industry requirements.

This program is having multi entry and multi exit options which curtails the college drop out from the system.

The National Education Policy (NEP ) 20 has been focused on reimagining of the vocational program. The B. Voc. Programs are designed by aligning with NSQF ( National Skill Qualification Framework).

Skill Development Components:

(i) The focus of skill development components shall be to equip students with appropriate knowledge, practice and attitude, so as to become work ready. The skill development components should be relevant to the industries as per their requirements.

(ii) The curriculum should necessarily embed within itself, National Occupational Standards (NOSs) of specific job roles within the industry sector(s). This would enable the students to meet the learning outcomes specified in the NOSs.

(iii) The overall design of the skill development component along with the job roles selected should be such that it leads to a comprehensive specialization in one or two domains.

(iv) In case NOS is not available for a specific area / job role, the university/college should get the curriculum for this developed in consultation with industry experts.

(v) The curriculum should also focus on work-readiness skills in each of the three years.